Hamdi Sellami

Growth. Expertise. Worth.

At Infinity Elevate, I focus on Personal Development ​Coaching to effect tangible positive change, in ​partnership with my young and adult clients through ​one on one sessions or group sessions, let’s:

  • Build your confidence.
  • Achieve your personal goals.
  • Seek clarity in your life and find your goal.
  • Lift the barriers preventing you from moving forward.
  • Learn to manage stress and negative thoughts.
  • Improve your relationships and communication skills.
  • Deal with overthinking.
  • Turn your ideas into concrete actions.
  • Maximize your potential and productivity.
  • Balance personal life and career ambitions.
  • Create the life you want.

As a Consultant, I steward training and ​development projects, programs and events for ​organizations and companies tailored for a wide-​range of communities.

"Master and unleash your full potential."

Hamdi Sellami


With over 14 years of unwavering commitment, I am a fervent ​consultant dedicated to catalyzing positive change, nurturing ​youth empowerment, and steering impactful transformations in ​both business and society. My adeptness, refined through ​dynamic career with influential entities such as the United Nations ​and the U.S. Department of State, is specifically tailored to adeptly ​navigate intricate challenges, strategically cultivating sustainable ​initiatives. In addition to my extensive experience, I am Licensed ​Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™️,accredited by ​The Society of NLP and managed by Pure NLP, founded by the ​visionary Dr. Richard Bandler. This distinct skill set empowers me ​to employ innovative techniques, guiding individuals and ​organizations toward profound, transformative success.

My Services



We build a transformative partnership as your coach, guiding and supporting you to achieve your goals together.


Project Management

My project management approach is strategic, where I adeptly craft and implement on-demand projects, ensuring successful delivery every step of the way.


Keynote Speaker

Excelling as a keynote speaker, I deliver captivating presentations infused with insight, inspiration, and expertise, ensuring impactful engagement with diverse audiences.

Note: This service is free of charge for Students Organizations, Youth Clubs and groups and non-profit organizations.



I specialize in strategic consulting, crafting and implementing innovative solutions for diverse challenges.

They trusted me

From my early days, I've been providing reliable service to my clientele.

I've had the honor of being the firm of choice of the following corporations:

Gratitude Gallery

Discover what our community has to say in our Gratitude Gallery. Real feedback, real satisfaction.

Rafik Bentabet - Founder

Working with a person who have an experience of more than 14 years in making significant things happen is very key to any Entrepreneur, or Business. I personally worked with Hamdi in the past 7 months, what's amazed me is how fast he can understand, adapt, and learn what needs to be done in this mission. Elevate your business with Hamdi Sellami!

Wiam Guelamine - Student

During our discussion, I did some serious thinking. What exactly do I want to do and where do I want to end up? I realized I've been overlooking the basics of life, just wandering around without a clear direction, and ignoring what really matters. It hit me that my idea of success, knowing everything might lead me nowhere.

Let's work together.

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Algiers, Algeria

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